Our mission: To spread awareness of the sloth bear and other endangered species through social media and action sports. 

How we got started: My name is Beck Trebesch. I am a fifteen year old living in Bozeman, MT. As a "Bozemanite" I enjoy the many activities that Bozeman has to offer. I ski almost every weekend of the winter when I can and play soccer in the rest of the seasons. That's just a little bit about me. #SendItForSlothBear was started with a hashtag. After a trip to the Boise Zoo, where I was introduced to the sloth bear, my friend Joe Olson and I decided to test our limits at "JumpTime", a trampoline center in downtown Boise. Whence our Instagram edits were complete, we struggled to come up with captions. Remembering our time at the zoo, I suggested "#ISendForSlothBear". The post was a success! A few weeks later, my dad approached me with a business proposition for the refined #SendItForSlothBear idea. Before jumping to conclusions, I considered the following: How does this combine with the rest of my life? Seeing the opportunities, I started to brainstorm. With many hours of planning, I created our mission and plan to spread awareness for endangered species worldwide.