#SendItForSlothBear S2, E2: "Pocket Parks" DROPPING NOW!

The second installment of #SendItForSlothBear Season 2 is out now! Check it out in 'Gallery' or on our Official YouTube (link below) 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCJ8BbIBDF-Tr2yvvyH0nbw

The #SendItForSlothBear team including Swift Arnold, Herschell Hurd, Crawford Noyes, Joe Olson, Max Sanders, and Beck Trebesch visit Great Divide Ski Resort and Bridger Bowl for the first skiing of the year. Also featuring Joey Karlsen, Mikey Karlsen, Josh Jones, and David Nostrant. 
Video by: Crawford Noyes, Beck Trebesch, Arthur Koster, Josh Jones, and Herschell Hurd. 

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