Sloth Bear Summer!

It's time! The season of summer is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and we have lots of announcements here at SendItForSlothBear! The summer photo contest is kicking off tomorrow and the winner will be chosen circa July. Tag your photos with the #SendItForSlothBear or #SlothBearSummer for a chance to win. 

A SendItForSlothBear Summer

We have some big announcements for the 2014/15 season of sun! 

1. Instagram & Twitter Photo Contest: Tag your best photos and videos on Instagram and Twitter with #SendItForSlothBear for a entry to repost and retweet. A winner will be chosen every week starting June 1st until August 1st. Have any questions? Email us at 

2. BearWear: Stay tuned for some new items on the BearWear store! 


#SendItForSlothBear at the Canadian Open in Rossland, BC!

The #SendItForSlothBear team, including Beck Trebesch, Joe Olson, and Swift Arnold are traveling to the land up north: Canada! They are competing in the Canadian Open Freeskiing Challenge. To raise awareness and money for the sloth bear, contest will be set up. Every picture on Instagram tagged with #SendItForSlothBear and #SlothBearAtRossland, we will donate $2 to World Wildlife Fund. Good luck to the squad up on in Canada and get posting!