#SendItForSlothBear is a non-profit organization that raises money and awareness for sloth bears and other endangered animals through action sports. 

Origins come from the sweaty corner of Boise ID, where founder Beck Trebesch and friend Joe Olson, hucked their meat into the foam pit for various Instagram shots. Previously, the boys had visited the Boise Zoo and were "attentitive to the sloth bear and its majestic qualities" said Trebesch. After completing the edit, the final frontier of posting it loomed. After a lack of creative comments for IG, the boys had a little discussion on the title to denote the shots. It looked a little like this. 

Beck: Dude, would't it be hilarious if I did something like #ISendItForSlothBear as my comment. 

Joe: Dude...totally! 

And so #SendItForSlothBear was born. Tag #SendItForSlothBear on Vines, Instagram posts, tweets, etc. Help raise awareness for the sloth bear!